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Opening of the go department on January 11th 2024
Opening of the go department on January 11th 2024

And so it came to pass in the year of the Lord 2024, on the eleventh day of the first month, that the first go players found themselves in the realm of Schachclub 1961 König Nied at the Saalbau.

But no so fast. It took a little time of preparation and conviction, for most of which we have to thank Oliver Uwira.

Some time last year, we discussed once again how much nicer it would if we didn't have to play go in restaurants or cafés as is customary, but instead had our own regular club room.

This idea was not not new, and indeed at some point of time in the past, some half concrete plans had already been made to make it reality. For this, however, the foundation of a dedicated club would have neen necessary, which all the chores that come with such an enterprise. So it would have been a lot work, many points to consider and even more quite a few members committed to do all that work. At the end of the day, the assessment prevailed that we would not find enough fellow campaigners among the unfortunately not numerous go players in the region.

But not all was yet said and done and last year, Oli and I picked up the thread once more. At the beginning of September, during the Tip-Tap tournament in Frankfurt, Oli came up with the breakthrough idea.

What about founding a go department in the chess club? Oli, in his role as the new chairman, wrote a concept and convinced his fellow board members of his idea. Meanwhile I took over advertisement duties and had to give the promise Oli to assume a role on the board as soon as the go department has been established successfullly. As of now, go operations are still preliminary until the yearly convention.

And what can I say? Everything worked out wonderfully. The first club night on January 11th began with a bang as the the club room was completely packed. Attending were not just go players from the Frankfurt go scene, who were happy about having found a place to play where they do not depend on the mercy of a landlord, and without having to heed those regular reminders that they are expected to generate turnover. Some of the chess players fond of go did find their way to the Saalbau as well - and that on a Thursday which is not what they have been used to.

And there is more: In order to begin the new era in due style, we have neither shunned cost nor effort and endowed the club with eight brand-new and high-quality sets of go material.  

So the beginning was very promising, and thus the go department is well on its way to be made official at the upcoming yearly convention.

Such an initiative is, by the way, the first in all of Germany, as far as I'm aware. So we're creating history and will make sure that we are going to set a good example.


Club Night:
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Club Night:
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