Following the second victory in the Main-Taunus Team Blitz Championship in a row, Nied fielded two teams at this year's Hessian Team Blitz Championship for the first time.

In total 22 teams found their way to the venue in Gernsheim. Therefore we faced a round-robin tournament of 21 rounds, which took its course in a well-organized manner. Emphatically well received was the decision to ask the participants whether they wished to adhere to the new FIDE rules or adapt them. In the end, the first illegal move was deemed to lose a game, which considerably smoothed the operations of the tournament.

This time, in contrast to the Main-Taunus tournament at Kelkheim a few weeks ago, Nied did not field two teams of equal strength but rather one strong and one weaker team. The first team eventually did not quite fulfill expectations to reach a higher rank, because the matches against direct competitors were lost. In the end, the result was a nevertheless formidable sixth rank. On the bottom line, Patrick scored 12 while Hendrik, Gerd and Daniel scored 16 points.

The second team ended on a very good 9th rank, with Oliver scoring 12, Thomas 16, Sven 9.5 and Peter 9 points.

Hessian champion became Oberursel, beating Hofheim for second place. Both teams had fielded extremely strong line-ups.

Overall, the organization and tournament directions can be deemed to have been very good, for which Nied would like to thank Gernsheim very much. After a smoothly-run tournament, the teams were able to return home as early as 4:30 pm already.

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